IDP Industria Divani e Poltrone, was born in 1981 with the idea of bringing to foreign markets the popular and highly requested leather products made in Italy. In collaboration with the historical Italian tanneries – IDP is able to propose to the market exclusive hides becoming one of Italy’s most renowned companies within the industry for the quality of their products. The historical development and the interest in following industry trends, lead IDP to expand the production with collections of sofas and armchairs also in fabric.

Only exclusive hides can be used to cover our products. Made in Italy and for us a concrete value, made of quality raw materials and a historic tailoring experience. We interpret the Italian style of living reprising the spaces with products they become the protagonists of everyday. IDP is certified 100% Made in Italy by the Institute for the protection of Italian producers. The certificate of the system IT01 is a tool of protection act to ensure, to the customers and the final consumer, the origin and the artisanal quality of the production entirely made in Italy.