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Located in Brianza, the productive heart of the furniture market, Brianform has been active in the manufacturing industry since 1984, producing high quality leather sofas and offering a wide range of furniture solutions that include armchairs, beds and accessories. Strengthened by a solid industrial structure and decades of experience, the company invests in technological innovation, flanked by traditional craftsmanship to satisfy the increasingly demanding requests of the customer.

Only exclusive leathers can be used to package our products. Made in Italy is a concrete value for us, made of quality raw materials and a historical sartorial experience. We interpret the Italian style of living by dressing spaces with products that become the protagonists of everyday life.

Sensitivity, rigor, dedication. The attention to every detail, the precision of every seam, the selection of the chosen leathers; every single model has our full attention. Ours is a company made up of people. Contact, listening, hospitality are the cornerstones of our work and ensure that each product has a soul. Because it is created by passionate men. Not just the creation of objects: stories to be lived, passions to be told, shared emotions.

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