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Do you know your sofa padding?

Often wondering if we know our sofa inside out. Do you know the importance of a quality seat padding contribute to 80% of the quality and longevity of your seating furniture like sofa, chairs, armchairs, daybed etc. Here we explain Stanzo Collection sofa padding, which went through a stern quality control and top-notch engineering process.

1. Engineering

The sofa padding is engineered on the shape and dimension of every single product. It is also know as molded -foam or laser-cut foam. We studied each weight density foam against our sofa padding shape and area size to provide the best durability while maintaining the comfort. We need to find the right balance between durability, comfort & functionality.

2. Material Selection

The internal padding is made in blocks of polyurethane foam or cold molded injec

ted polyurethane foam. Diversified densities are used to define ergonomic and comfort degree. All the materials meet severe requirement of durability and performance consistency over time.

3. Finishing touch

The structural padding is covered with a liner in fibre bonded with cotton/polyester cloth.

With these 3 key elements, we ensure our sofa padding is always at what we believe the best quality seat padding in the industry.

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