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Taking care of your upholstery

Suede and other types of leather may have scars and wrinkles, or minor changes in tone or imperfections that are not considered faults but an anomaly that confirms the natural quality of the material. As such, they are considered a positive feature of the product. It is the responsibility of Prostoria to position such anomalies on less visible parts of the product when tailoring the material.

Some types of fabrics have certain properties due to finishing, such as tufting, dots or other effects on fabrics, etching of velvet, or production methods that are not considered as flaws. For fabrics, suede and other types of leather, each production lot may indicate a slight difference in colour in comparison with the pattern or a product manufactured at an earlier time.

Products made with leather or fabric should not be exposed to direct light and positioned at least 1 meter away from the source of the heat, as those factors may contribute to discoloration or drying of the leather which can cause cracks.

Upholstered sofas should be vacuumed regularly using a suitable extension and ventilated to prevent deterioration and impurities. Due to use, the fabric will eventually need to be straightened and seams adjusted manually. The folds can be straightened using steam. In case of spillage, remove the liquid immediately by tapping with absorbent paper or cloth. Do not rub the stain!

The velour covers should also be regularly vacuumed or wiped with a cloth, always following the direction of the thread. Aniline leather has no or very light surface protection and, by its nature, gains patina and traces of use over time. Semi-aniline leather has a lightweight surface protection so these furniture sets can be vacuumed and stains cleaned using a damp cloth soaked in the water, a light neutral soap, or a specialized leather care agent. Remove soap marks immediately using a dry, soft, cotton cloth. Be careful not to let too much water soak into the pores. Always remove stains moving from the edge towards the centre of the stain, so as not to expand the affected area. Avoid concentrated detergents or agents containing bleach, ammonia, or products used for cleaning and protecting of clothing and shoes.

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