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Why Natural Latex Sofa?

Natural latex offers a chemical free option for a eco-friendly sofas so that you can enjoy the benefits of organic living. When a latex sofa is combined with modern upholstery fabrics, you can relax and sit in comfort as you would with a sofa made from any other material. Natural latex is a responsive material that can provide adequate support for your shape and spine and won't retain the impressions from your body weight. In addition, latex does not transfer motion in the way that most sofas with coil springs do.

Besides, natural latex allows better ventilation compared to other materials. This is vital especially for tropical country like Malaysia where our body heat can be easily ventilated through latex after long hours of sitting.

Eco-friendly sofas that are made from natural latex can also last much longer than sofas that are made from conventional materials like injected foam because the latex is resistant to forming impressions after someone sits or lies down on the sofa. As a result, a latex sofa may last as many as 20 years as compared to standard sofa that may need repairs within just a few years. Using natural latex furniture can help reduce waste with less furniture ending up in landfills.

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