Absent Sofa

Absent Sofa

A Weightless Zone of Comfort.


Unfolding as a fluid organic shape, Absent is a sofa designed for a body position in between sitting and lying down. You can take off your everyday armour and sink into the smooth settee, letting your muscles relax and putting your mind at ease. Absent provides perfect support in letting you glide into a comfort zone, an inner dimension where you can feel weightless and safe.


The Absent sofa is designed as a modular system combining various backrest heights with different seat depths, while the soft pillow adds to the sofa’s ergonomics and particular sensual experience. Absent’s distinctive character is embodied in its sculptural, fluid transitions resulting in strong identity, making it a grand statement piece of furniture in the interior. It is therefore ideal for furnishing larger spaces.

Stanzo Collection Warranty ensured your new furniture is protected at your best best possible interest.


It includes:

- 20 Year Sofa Frame Warranty

- 10 Year Steel Frame Warranty

- 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty - Sofa Accessories.

- 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty - Other Component.

- Commercial Warranty. For more information, click here.

RM18,170.00 Regular Price
RM9,085.00Sale Price