Birch Cloth Hanger

Birch Cloth Hanger

With Wabi-sabi in the mind, Birch cloth hanger is designed based on a tree trunk during winter while each branch represents a place to hang your cloths, scafts, hats or bags. With this unique design, it can mainly used as a decoration.


Solid beech wood in lacquired paint.

Stanzo Collection Warranty ensured your new furniture is protected at your best best possible interest.


It includes:

- 20 Year Sofa Frame Warranty

- 10 Year Steel Frame Warranty

- 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty - Sofa Accessories.

- 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty - Other Component.

- Commercial Warranty. For more information, click here.

RM3,650.00 Regular Price
RM1,825.00Sale Price
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