Segment Sofa

Segment Sofa

Sofa upholstered in fabric with high density foam and solid wood structure, support with wave springs and mild steel leg.



Dimension (mm)
  • Design

    segment is a system which solves the hierarchical principles of assembling the components of modular upholstered furniture. Segment's identity is determined by the form of its main component element, with its characteristic basic double-sided ends sloping at a 45� angle, thereby enabling the assembling of the parts in all three axes. Numerous combinations of bases and their permutations provide useful open system in designing various functional situations in the interior. Combinations in a series of several bases are on one end supported on the metal legs, whereas on the other end the support of the base is the wood element. Geometric motive of its form is equally compatible for coating in leather as well as richer texture fabrics according to the set interior.

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